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Partner Campus

The Partner Campus is where you have the opportunity to be growing our community and earning and learning as either a Faculty member where you are creating and teaching courses. Or as a Community member where you are hosting your own local school with the courses on GeniusU.

Post-pandemic, record numbers are quitting their jobs and following their purpose. The media call it the Great Resignation.

We call it the Great Reignition, as everyone Reignites their Genius. It takes a Reinvention and a Reeducation. So join GeniusU in 2022, as we launch our biggest year ever.

Join us as we launch our Partner Campus - Our first step in building the world's first metaversity - and earn maximum GEMs, with our brand new $1M Genius Formula, Genius Certification and GeniusU Partner Portal as we launch our new curriculum.

This year the Great Reignition will create a wave of new opportunity for entrepreneur educators. Join us at the very first step as we grow our community to 4 million students in 2022.

Here are the big benefits in
joining us as a partner

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One-off pioneer benefits as we launch GeniusU 2.0 with A.I,-driven 3D virtual education classrooms & worlds.

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Choose between our Level 1, 2 and 3 Partnership levels and select one or more Lead Mentors to work with.

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Learn the $1m Genius Formula that GeniusU has built and tested in 2021, and build your own Genius Pathway in 2022 to generate $100K or $1M with Genius Certification and our brand new partner portal.

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Be a part of our full 2022 calendar to learn and apply all the tools you need to grow a $1M online education business.

Choose your partner pathway

The magic of GeniusU comes from our ability to link faculty partners who can create and teach their own courses with a stream of new students and trusted communities, and to link community partners who can run their own local schools, with faculty partners who can both deliver world class content and generate significant upsell revenue, both by using the brand new Genius Formula to deliver proven results.

Each of these 2 pathways have 3 levels

3 Levels

faculty level 1 representation

Faculty Level 1


To Build an Education Business between

$40,000 - $150,000 per annum

Be a part of our Faculty and the go-to mentor for you own chosen niche or industry.

faculty level 2 representation

Faculty Level 2


To Build an Education Business between

$150,000 - $300,000 per annum

Be a part of our Lead Faculty and build your mentoring business with GeniusU's support.

faculty level 3 representation

Faculty Level 3


To Build an Education Business between

$300,000 - $2,000,000 per annum

Create content for our Genius Curriculum as our Curriculum Partner.

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Opportunities Available

  • Talent Dynamics for
    Agile Leadership

  • Talent Dynamics for
    Change Management

  • Talent Dynamics for

  • Talent Dynamics for
    future technology

  • Talent Dynamics for
    Remote Sales

  • Talent Dynamics for

  • Talent Dynamics for
    The Metaverse

  • Talent Dynamics for
    Business Automation

Faculty Partner Showcase

  • jo formosa profile pic

    Jo Formosa
    Faculty Partner: Health Dynamics

    Built a $1 million+ health business

    Jo has built a $1 million+ health business, Health Dynamics, with a community across the globe by having a steadfast focus on the customer pathway, high value programs, customer experience and vision.

    Her vision is exponential, with a goal to impact 1 million individuals first, and not stopping until a legacy is left having changed the health for 1 billion people on this planet. In 2021, 420 went through the 28 day detox program alone.

    • 2021 was a year of growth, HD has had a 4x growth from 2020 to 2021. This growth has been largely through partnerships, many of which are not looking for anything to be partners, they know when their clients are healthier, they are easier to coach!

  • Deborah Harris profile pic

    Deborah Harris

    Culture is to talent like a product is to a customer.

    Deborah has really embodied entrepreneurship. She specializes in growing the financial capabilities of purpose-driven businesses. Even though Deb & Jeremy were at a blue level before with their accounting firm, they still did a lot of yellow level tasks. With the new business, Grow CFO, they decided to do things differently and having a strong Team Culture was the key to be able to scale up and pivot that quickly.

    They became an employee of choice. In 2022 Deb has been invited to be a lecturer for the University of Queensland in their venture space & she has more opportunities coming up.

    • 9 consecutive quarters of growth / 161% revenue growth in last 24 months.

    • Impact metrics: companies they have been working with have had growth in their value that exceeds $120M in the last 2 years.

    • 300% growth in clients in 2021

    • Their team has grown 3 times in 2021

3 Levels

community level 1 respresentation

Community Level 1


To Build an Community Business between

$40,000 - $150,000 per annum

Host local events and be the go-to event host for your city and community

community level 2 representation

Community Level 2


To Build an Community Business between

$150,000 - $300,000 per annum

Be a part of our Lead Faculty and build your mentoring business with GeniusU's support

community level 3 representation

Community Level 3

Translation Or VENUE partner

To Build an Community Business between

$300,000 - $1,500,000 per annum

Translate content for our Genius Curriculum as our Translation Partner.

Host local events and be the go-to event host for your city and community

Be a part of our Lead Faculty and build your mentoring business with GeniusU's support

Translate content for our Genius Curriculum as our Translation Partner.

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City Leadership
Opportunities Available

  • map showing available opportunities for city leadership
  • map showing available opportunities for city leadership

Be a Venue Partner

Earnings range between
$300,000 - 1,500,000 per annum


Entrepreneur Resorts has an organic growth plan with a mix of company owned and licensed venues. We are now in three countries, with five locations and have developed the Genius Café, Genius Central & Genius Resorts models, which we are expanding through Regional License agreements.

Be a Venue Partner
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Venue Partner
Opportunities Available

  • map showing available opportunities for venue partnership

Community Partner Showcase

  • tamami ushiki

    Tamami Ushiki
    Translation Partner: Japan

    Full focus to go from in person events to digital

    When the crisis hit, all events stopped and $2M of flow was suspended. With coaching from Michelle Clarke, Tamami took the content Genius Group was teaching to entrepreneurs to help them go digital. She generated $150k on the first promotion and now is the key person in Japan to support entrepreneurs to pivot. Just recently she ran a 4 hour online event generating nearly $200k of revenue.

    • Nearly $200k of revenue from a 4 hour online event using Genius Group's content, speakers and products

    • Tamami's JWDA community is the go to community for learning in Japan.

    • Now with over 200,000 community members in Japan looking to Tamami and her team for the best products and strategies.

  • lourdes

    Lourdes Gant

    Full focus to Resell

    Lourdes Gant, who is based in Canada, who participates and brings clients to many of our events and actively promotes Entrepreneurs Institute and GeniusU using her affiliate link.

    Lourdes brought 20 people to the Entrepreneurs Fast Track NASA event and several of them joined a Founders Roundtable directly after the event.

    She is aiming to receive $25,000 in affiliate fees as 2 people are potential Emerald or Sapphire level for Crystal Circle mentoring and 2 are Enterprise level.

    This is a great example of how partnerships can be a win-win for all involved.

  • An nguyen

    An Nguyen
    Level 3 Partner For Vietnam

    Transform your mindset and upgrade your skill sets

    An Nguyen joined as a Level 3 Partner. An, originally from Vietnam, lives in Atlanta, USA, and is a master trainer for Points of You. An has built a multi-million dollar business by partnering with top organizations and brands in personal development, entrepreneurship and health, including Entrepreneurs Institute. And he hasn’t had to create any products or services himself to make this happen!

    Joining Entrepreneurs Institute as a Level 3 Translation Partner for Vietnam, he has jumped right in and brought many of his tribe to events that are the right fit for them, creating a win-win in personal, professional and financial growth for all.

    2021 was a transformation year, it was a year of change. To go 10x, An realized he must transform his mindset and upgrade his skill sets, at the same time inviting his core leaders to do the same, collaborating with an organization that is in flow and can help him do this.