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Ensure your business is totally set up for success in 2021 and the coming Digital Decade.

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What is the
VIP Fast Track Programme?

We are opening up an opportunity for just 100 entrepreneurs who want to fast track their success and create a crisis proof plan for 2021, to join us for the next 12 months in the #1 entrepreneur mastermind programme.

Kickstarting your year with a personalised and highly valuable 121 call in the next 7-10 days during the first 2 weeks of December with a highly trained Genius Igniter.

2020 has been all kinds of challenging for business owners and as we move towards opening up activity by the middle to end of next year, we then head into one of the most challenging crises we have seen for generations. The financial crisis.

Most business owners know they need to have a digital and crisis proof business ready now and so we are offering you the opportunity to get clear on your plan in the next 7-10 days and then be supported along that journey for a full 12 months as part of our leading Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind (GEM).

From our previous experience we know these slots will fill very quickly so please do join us here today

5 reasons to join the
VIP Fast Track Programme

Within the next 7-10 days you will be having a high value, highly personalised call with one of our experts, to plan the journey for your business over the next 12 months.


You will get your business in front of 1.4M entrepreneurs on our GeniusU platform, with your own store and a suite of crisis ready products.


You get to join a fast-growing community of 2500 entrepreneur leaders who are connecting together to share resources, funding, team and investments all around the world.


Receive regular, live ongoing business development and product training from our highly skilled team of faculty and experts who are each running multi million dollar digital businesses.


Get free access to our best digital business training programmes that are helping entrepreneurs to generate $10,000-$100,000 per month in new revenues online.


Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire

- Napoleon Hill


Book now to secure your place in the VIP Fast Track. Limited to 100 places only.

What is the Genius
Entrepreneur Mastermind?

Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind (GEM for short) is the world's leading global mastermind of 2500 entrepreneurs from over 300 countries, hosted by Roger James Hamilton.

Once a month Roger James Hamilton interviews leading global entrepreneurs who share the key strategies they have implemented allowing them to go fully digital and to grow their business during the crisis.

Being part of a community of leading learners has never been more important. By joining our GEM community, you will find yourself being connected to over 2,500 entrepreneurs worldwide that are already finding future proof strategies and techniques that work and are sharing them freely to support others.

As a GEM member you will be growing your business by gaining access to the resources, team, training, finance and investment you need on our platform of over 1.5M entrepreneurs.

Putting you immediately at the top level of membership on
GeniusU you can set up and run your entire digital business,
events, communities and team on one platform.

Steps to take

Join the Fast Track Programme

On joining the programme, you will be invited to a high priority and early access call with one of our specially trained Genius Igniters, where we will take you through a process to understand what your goals are for the next 12 months and how to achieve them.

You will then be invited to an orientation call with our Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind (GEM) team where you will be shown based on your key vision and outcomes, how to use GEM membership to grow your community, your connections and your revenues.


You will be given access to all of the entrepreneur summer school and crisis leadership academy microschool content where you can quickly learn how to have a crisis proof digital business.

We also provide you with all the tools to set up your digital products and services, remote team, community and payment gateway so you get all the tools as well as know-how to succeed as part of the GEM community.


We will also show you how to put your products online and how to build a deep trusted community that want to do business with you.

Whilst being a member of GEM you will then begin making revenues and cash flow.

Who should join?

You are a small or medium-sized business owner looking for a proven way to bring your existing business online, take your digital business to the next level, or get more clients.


You had a successful business prior to the start of the crisis, that was generating $100K+ per month but now your previous model is no longer working and you have seen a sudden decline in your revenues.


You had a start up that was growing and generating $20-100k per month but your products are not creating the attraction they were pre crisis and you need to re look at your offering.


If you are self employed or an employee at home looking to create a new income stream.


You are a team leader/business owner looking for a proven way to grow business results and increase levels of trust and flow in the workplace.


You are looking for access to investors, funding and resources to scale and grow in 2021.


What is the
Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind?

Over $5,000 worth of products for just $270


A VIP fast track Genius Igniter call - valued at $500

This gains you first access, ahead of anyone else attending the summit, to a 1-2-1 call with one of our highly skilled expert Genius Igniters. During the call, you will get to set out your plan and goals for the next 12 months. Your Genius Igniter will give you direct mentoring on the best way to achieve your goals in the next 12 months, ensuring you have a plan and the first steps you need to take



12 months membership of Rogers Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind - Valued at $970

A full year on the Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind programme run by Roger James Hamilton.

A full year long access pass to all of the expert Microcourses being run through the Genius Institute.

A monthly mastermind of 11 calls to learn from some of the top entrepreneurs in our network.

Access the full back catalogue of recordings.

A community of over 2500 entrepreneurs to support your growth and share opportunities with.

A monthly, live, "ask me anything" call with one of our top experts, to answer your questions.



Full GeniusU Mentor Status - valued at $970

Ability to connect with over 1.5 million members looking for help and guidance and to be promoted by “Genie” with your own 5 star ratings and reviews. You can:

Set up your community circles to build quality leads and trust

Create your own paid or free Microdegrees and Certifications on GeniusU

Set up, host and run your own events, both virtually and in real time.

Share your opportunities with all of the the other members on GeniusU.

Place your products and services for sale on the GeniusU webstore.

Earn affiliate commissions and track your earnings on a personalised dashboard.


$2,000 worth of discount vouchers to use on entrepreneur education before January 30th 2021 - Valued at $2,000+

On your 121 call with your personal Genius Igniter, you will get to jointly decide the best next steps to take to ensure you hit your 2021 goals and you can cash in $2000 of vouchers against the full price of the next programme that is the best fit for your journey right now.



The Marketing 5.0 Microcourse, 11 Jan to 7 Feb 2021 - Valued at $270

This 4 week accelerator content gives you all the steps to upgrade your marketing to the very latest AI-based marketing tools, including AI-based marketing campaigns on Google and Facebook, AI-based website optimization, marketing chatbots and the very latest AItools to maximise engagement and response rates. Get full access to the live Microcourse within GeniusU.



The Sales & Service 5.0 Microcourse, 22 Feb to 21 Mar 2021 - Valued at $270

This 4 week accelerator content gives you all the steps to upgrade your sales strategies and service levels to the very latest AI-based CRM tools and social media tools to maximise your segmenting, targeting and conversions. Use AI to increase your sales and give each of your customers a personalized path. Get full access to the live Microcourse within GeniusU.


Two tokens to take the upgraded 2020 Wealth Dynamics or Talent Dynamics Tests - Valued at $194

Take the World's No.1 Entrepreneur Profiling Tool, now fully shareable, integrated, and mobile-friendly on GeniusU and gift a token to a friend or colleague.



A quarterly Navigation call with the GEM Manager - Valued at $500

4 times a year you can book a 121 with the GEM project leader who is one of our top Genius Igniters. On this call you will have the opportunity to check in on your business progress against goals and ensure your next quarter plan is set up to support your growth and success



An Onboarding call with your GEM team to navigate your 12 month journey

A group call with your fellow VIP Fast Track and GEM members where the team will show you how to access all of your bonuses and how to connect with the resources, community and tools on GeniusU to support you.



12 x Monthly Ask me Anything live sessions with top mentors

Each month one of our top mentors who specialises in different areas such as Leadership, remote sales, partnerships, digital marketing, cash growth will be on hand for a live ask me anything session exclusive to GEM members



Bonus masterclasses throughout the year

As well as monthly sessions with Roger and the Ask me anything with top mentors, GEM members are regularly invited to attend bonus Masterclass sessions. On December 8th we have a bonus VIP masterclass on “How to build a crisis proof plan for 2021”



Exclusive access to a private GEM circle on GeniusU

You will be invited to our private circle where you can connect with GEM members from over 300 countries and access resources, events, opportunities and partners.


Special pricing and first entry to the Genius 5.0 curriculum in 2021

Be the first to be a part of the 2021 genius curriculum, together with full diploma programs to ensure you move to your next level of entrepreneurship. Be a pioneer in the entrepreneur movement as Genius Group has its IPO on NYSE and launches our GEM digital currency.


VIP Fast Track Programme


Normal Rate: $970
Save $700


Roger is a world renowned futurist, New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur who mentors Entrepreneurs to grow their enterprises and find their flow.

Roger is the founder of Genius Group, a $300 million group of companies leading the entrepreneur movement. Genius Group is World's largest Entrepreneur Education Group with over 2,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 200 cities. The Group includes his tech company, GeniusU, which connects entrepreneurs to the smartest knowledge, purpose, connections and opportunities. It also includes Genius Resorts, the world’s leading Entrepreneur Resorts and Beach Clubs.

Roger is the creator of Wealth Dynamics, Genius Test, Talent Dynamics & Impact Dynamics, used by over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow. All of Roger’s companies empower the Entrepreneur Movement - collectively growing our ability to create and contribute wealth.

Boomberg Television
USA Today
The New York Times
Boston Globe
The Globe and Mail
El Confidential
Huffington Post
Bussiness Insider


“I used to charge $180 per hour for my tattoos. With the mentoring I gained from Roger and rising up the Wealth Lighthouse, I now charge $1,760 per session and spend my time on my art gallery and restaurant - all of this is possible by understanding how to build my personal brand and a high performing team. Anything is possible when you have the right mentor to support you. ”

Marc Pinto, Australia

“In my first year working with Roger I tripled my income, and this year I have already surpassed my 2016 income and we’re not yet half way through the year. I’ve gone from a translator to a global entrepreneur and mentor, and Roger’s community has been the most welcoming, friendly and supportive group of entrepreneurs I have ever met. ”

Yayoi Oguma
Bridge International, Japan

“With Roger’s mentorship, I have been able to create two million pound companies. As a Vet, I have a passion for animals, but by thinking about business models differently, I have grown WebinarVet into a training platform serving thousands of vets - and tens of thousands of animals. From an idea I got from Roger last year - and the help of a AR developer in Roger’s community HoloVet has raised funding at a multi-million pound valuation to bring augmented reality to the Vet industry. ”

Anthony Chadwick
WebinarVet, England

“When I first met Roger I was a PA for a Property Developer in Wellington. With his inspiration and support, today I run four child care centers and have just bought two home-based child care networks. I live my purpose each day of educating children and I am so excited to be now leading Genius Schools and bringing a new child-centered model to our next generation. ”

Angie Stead
Genius School, Australia


This online platform utilizes an AI interface to connect over one million entrepreneurs with the right network, knowledge, and opportunities based on their personal values, vision, passions, talents, and purpose. We see GeniusU as the “Amazon for Educators” - where every student and organization can find and purchase the mentoring, training, events, and skills they need to succeed.