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AI Influencer Campaigns
The Future of Marketing

How To Revamp Marketing With AI?

6th August

6th August

Cut through the noise with
AI-influencer marketing.

Join our exclusive podcast and discover how AI is revolutionizing influencer marketing. Learn from renowned futurist Roger James Hamilton and AI expert Dr. Ravi Singh the Campaign Guru as they reveal the secrets to unparalleled campaign success.

Reach engaged audiences and build trust through authentic content creators. Boost sales. Increase brand awareness. Stay ahead of the curve - tune in now!

Why join us?

Expert Insights

Gain valuable knowledge from industry leaders Roger James Hamilton and Dr. Ravi Singh.

Cutting-Edge Trends

Learn about the latest advancements in AI and how they’re revolutionizing influencer marketing.

Actionable Strategies

Discover practical tips and strategies to enhance your marketing campaigns.

Future-Proof Your Business

Stay ahead of the curve by understanding future trends in marketing and technology.

Inspiration and Innovation

Be inspired by real-world examples and innovative ideas that can transform your approach to marketing.

Your key takeaways

How AI is being used to identify and select the most effective influencers for your brand.
Ways to personalize marketing content at scale using AI and influencer marketing.
Insights into the future of influencer marketing and emerging trends to watch.

Level Up Your Marketing with AI Influencers

Forget the future, it's here. Learn how AI is redefining influencer marketing & skyrocketing success. Gain a competitive edge & dominate the game. Join the free masterclass now!



Tuesday, 6th August 2024


The Podcast will take
place online

This training is for you if you are

Small to medium business owners looking to take their businesses to the next level.

Solopreneurs who are aiming to scale and create a larger enterprise.

Entrepreneurs who want to create an impact by generating more wealth around themselves.

Coaches, trainers, mentors, educators seeking new tips & guidelines to grow rapidly in 2024.

Implementing AI in Your Enterprise

Social stars drive sales with authentic content.

Engaged audiences. Learn how influencer marketing can work for you.

Identify Influencers

Use AI to find influencers who align with your brand’s target audience.

Personalized Content

Tailor content to your audience segments using AI.

Track Performance

Monitor campaigns in real-time for continuous improvement.

Your Speakers

Roger is a world renowned futurist and entrepreneur who mentors Entrepreneurs to grow their enterprises and find their flow.

Roger is the founder of Genius Group, which is the world's No.1 Entrepreneur Education Group, with over 4 million students and 12,000 mentors in over 200 cities. He is also founder of Entrepreneur Resorts, the world’s leading Entrepreneur Resorts and Beach Clubs Group, which had its IPO and became a listed company in 2017.

His tech company, GeniusU, connects students, leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to the smartest knowledge, connections and opportunities around the world. In 2024, GeniusU is moving into the Metaverse as the world's first metaversity.

Born and Raised in the USA, Dr Ravi Singh, is the oldest of three children born and raised by immigrant parents in the suburbs of Chicago. Their father, a respected doctor, faced harsh discrimination in the medical field for wearing a turban, when he first came to the United States from Myanmar, but despite these challenges, he became the Chief of Radiology at Rush-Copley Hospital in Aurora, Illinois for more than 30 years.

Dr. Singh ingrained in Ravi the urge to serve. At the age of 16 Dr Ravi Singh secured a part-time volunteer job as an emergency room assistant at the same hospital when he was in high school so that he could learn to help others. His primary duties were to check-in patients and clean up dry blood or clean the rooms. It was his father’s wish for his son to become a medical doctor, a common aspiration of many Asian American families. Nonetheless, Ravi did become a doctor in philosophy with a specialization in social media and technology. His father responded, “I told my son to become a doctor, and what does he do? he becomes a doctor of watching cat videos on social networks.”

Dr. Ravi Singh is an internet pioneer whose passion for writing, inventing technology, and startups have earned him a reputation as the “Campaign Guru,” according to Business Week Magazine and USA Today. Ravi Singh is one of the first individuals in the world who holds a doctoral degree with a specialization in social media and technology. He is a social media expert in strategy and social media voice, helping leaders, brands, and celebrities with their digital communications. He holds lectures on social media networks and is an advocator for e-democracy throughout the world.

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What is Genius Metaversity?

Genius Metaversity represents an innovative venture within the metaverse, offering a dynamic space where individuals can unleash their potential and forge connections with fellow entrepreneurs. Within this virtual realm, users have the creative freedom to design their avatars, embodying a digital representation of their aspirations. The metaversity thrives as a collaborative ecosystem where like-minded minds converge to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and cultivate a supportive community.

A cornerstone of Genius Metaversity lies in its event-centric approach. Users can seamlessly attend and engage in a variety of events, staying abreast of the latest developments and opportunities. Two standout offerings within this metaverse experience are the exclusive podcast and the connect masterclass. These events provide unique insights, fostering intellectual growth and skill development. Moreover, participants are guided through a personalized onboarding process, ensuring they harness the full potential of the GeniusU platform. Through this immersive metaversity, individuals not only expand their digital presence but also embark on a transformative journey toward personal and professional excellence.

Get ready to 10x your income and impact with Genius Metaversity!