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Ignite your Genius

Join Us for a one hour value packed accelerator.
Thursday, 7th July 2022
4PM SGT | 9AM UK |

Discover how to use your test results to get into flow, with your business and investments in the coming year.

The Great Resignation Reignition

Post-pandemic, record numbers are quitting their jobs and following their purpose. The media call it the Great Resignation.

We call it the Great Reignition, as everyone Reignites their Genius. It takes a Reinvention and a Reeducation. So join GeniusU in 2022, as we launch our biggest year ever. We have an exciting line up of courses and events lined up to make 2022 your best year yet.

In 2022 the Great Reignition will create a wave of new opportunity for entrepreneur educators. Join us to surf this wave as GeniusU grows from 2.7 million to 4 million students and launches the world's first metaversity.

Make 2022 your best year yet!

The upcoming Ignite your Genius accelerator is a 1 hour masterclass to maximise your flow and business success in 2022.

Are you ready for the extraordinary times ahead? We have not experienced global disruptions of the severity we are witnessing today since World War 2.

That’s why the time for action is now. Perhaps you’re a student or leader looking for a more inspiring path that brings out the best in you. Perhaps you are an entrepreneur looking to start up or scale a business. Or you are seeking new earning opportunities, while juggling the desire to spend more time with family and live a more fulfilling life. Or you are an investor looking to navigate the latest trends.

You are not alone in the bottlenecks or road blocks you face, and the answers to step up to the next level are almost always in a different place than where you are now.

The good news is that we have a community of 2.7 million students, leaders, entrepreneurs and investors using the very best AI-led learning, strategies and technology to grow their income and impact, and we’re adding more that 1,000 new members who are finding answers and support for free in our GeniusU community every day.

So come and join us on this one hour “Ignite your Genius” Welcome Call & Accelerator where we will work with you to deliver the best next steps on your journey. During this one hour accelerator you will discover that you have a natural entrepreneur profile, which is your most natural way of generating flow. You also have a level of wealth creation which is how your personal cash flow is decided. Your business, equally has a level of impact it creates and this is measured by the number of customers it has.

We now have over 2.7 million members on our online platform, GeniusU. Seeing the trends within our global community, we know that by understanding your and your team’s unique Genius, Profile, Passions, Purpose and Impact Level, you will be one step ahead as you grow your business and personal flow in 2022 and beyond.

If you’re ready to think differently, join us for this super special accelerator.

What will be covered during
this one hour accelerator

How to use your test results to create a personal path
that accelerates your success as a student, leader, entrepreneur and investor.

How you can instantly connect with a global community
of like minded people experiencing the same growing pains as you but with solutions on the next steps to take.

What the top leaders and teams in the world are doing today as leaders and entrepreneurs to navigate and profit from the shocking changes we are all facing.

How to turn your days work into your life's work by switching from an employee mindset to an entrepreneur and investor mindset, with greater income and impact.

The Details


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  • Thursday, 7th July 2022



    4PM SGT | 9AM UK |
    6PM AEST


  • “As one of the world's most visionary entrepreneurs, Roger's uniquely insightful tools and models are fantastic for helping us discover where we are on our entrepreneurial path and how to get to where we want to be.

    Following Roger's steps to progress are simple, straightforward, logical and intuitive and they always work! I highly recommend taking any opportunity to come to Roger’s events and soak up some of Roger's wisdom and be enlightened as to what the next big future trends and ideas will soon be sweeping our planet.”

    - Alison Rentol

  • “I used to charge $180 per hour for my tattoos. With the mentoring I gained from Roger and rising up the Wealth Lighthouse, I now charge $1,760 per session and spend my time on my art gallery and restaurant.

    - all of this is possible by understanding how to build my personal brand and a high performing team. Anything is possible when you have the right mentor to support you.”

    - Marc Pinto

  • “I have gone from selling time for money as a teacher to now following my true purpose with the “Spread the Happiness” movement as a result of being a part of Roger’s amazing community. I’ve gone from consulting a few schools in England to now spreading happiness to tens of thousands of children in over 23 countries.”

    - Shonette Bason Wood

  • “In my first year working with Roger I tripled my income, and this year I have already surpassed my 2016 income and we’re not yet half way through the year.

    I’ve gone from a translator to a global entrepreneur and mentor, and Roger’s community has been the most welcoming, friendly and supportive group of entrepreneurs I have ever met.”

    - Yayoi Oguma

  • “When I first met Roger I was a PA for a Property Developer in Wellington. With his inspiration and support, today I run four child care centres and have just bought two home-based child care networks.

    I live my purpose each day of educating children and I am so excited to be now leading Genius Schools and bringing a new child-centred model to our next generation.”

    - Angie Stead

  • “With Roger’s mentorship, I have been able to create two million pound companies. As a Vet, I have a passion for animals, but by thinking about business models differently, I have grown WebinarVet into a training platform serving thousands of vets - and tens of thousands of animals.

    From an idea I got from Roger last year - and the help of a AR developer in Roger’s community HoloVet has raised funding at a multi-million pound valuation to bring augmented reality to the Vet industry.”

    - Anthony Chadwick

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