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Wealth Dynamics Masterclass

Your Personal Path to Flow & Wealth
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Clear up your schedule and give
yourself to some me-time.


Schedule approximately 60 minutes
of quiet time for this Webinar.


Learn how to prepare your children
for a radically uncertain future.

Using this system can 10x your
income and your impact.

Most successful entrepreneurs got to where they are through the process of trial and error. Which only works through the costly experience of "failing forward."

Wouldn't you prefer to avoid most of the mistakes headed your way? What if I told you that most of the mistake you've made and could be making right now were predictable and avoidable?

Diving deeper than just your Wealth Dynamics profile, on this masterclass, Trey Stinnett is going to show you how the most successful entrepreneurs are leveraging teams and a simple formula to stay in flow as they create their success.

Now it's your turn to do the same. To find out how, join the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs who have committed to using their Wealth Dynamics profile to create their wealth.

Are you ready to 10x your business in 2021? Invest 1 hour in this exclusive masterclass to 10x your business growth, 10x your team performance and 10x your quality of life.

100% FREE web event

What Trey will cover during the
60 minute free masterclass

  1. How to choose the right team to keep you in flow

  2. This one formula that top entrepreneurs use to multiply their wealth

  3. The step-by-step process to dependably 10X your income & impact

  4. The critical awareness almost everyone misses when they discover Wealth Dynamics



This is a Free Training available at any time



The webinar will take place online, which
means you can watch from the
comfort of your home.

This training is for you if you are:

  1. A small business owner looking to scale with team

  2. A self-employed entrepreneur looking to make more while working less

  3. An entrepreneur who cares about creating real wealth and real impact

100% FREE web event

What people are saying

Trey was the reason I joined Genius U. In 2019, he organized and hosted an Entrepreneur 5.0 event. I flew from Florida to attend and it did not disappoint. From that time I've been learning and growing in the Genius community, and I've seen Trey continue to give and serve the US entrepreneur community. Keep doing what you're doing. It's having a big impact.

- John Zolikoff I USA

Trey is an awesome mentor. I met Trey in Bali at the Flow Builder Workshop in 2019. He is an inspiration and really cares for the people he works with. I love how he is able to simplify his advise for entrepreneurs and inspire people. I highly recommend you check out his Youtube channel where he share his magnificence.

- Woon Tan I United Kingdom

Trey is such a phenomenal teacher and steward of this treasure trove of information and so committed to helping us apply it to our businesses and our teams to grow. What I love most about Trey is how he can take such a complex ecosystem and make it relatable and digestible to all entrepreneurs. He has such a unique and intuitive take on Rodger's work that has allowed me to understand and implement it into my business with my own clients in really powerful ways.

- Lauren Goldstein I USA

Trey transformed my mindset through his workshop by taking me to the mountain top to see myself from the future then asking the right questions. He gave me invaluable tips and tools to navigate the next 90 days during the global crisis which has made 2020 an exciting year of change and growth. Trey is transparent with sharing his personal experience which adds a layer of understanding and approachability to his coaching. Thank you for bringing so much hope to my journey.

- Sylvia Tam I USA

100% FREE web event




Trey Stinnett aka "The Flow Coach" helps small business owners build the ideal team so they can get past hard and live a life they love.

Trey has been an entrepreneur since he was 13 years old. Living in St. Petersburg, Florida with his wife Grace and their two daughters, he has taught workshops to thousands of people all over the world for celebrity entrepreneurs like Daymond John and Tony Robbins.

Trey now focuses on helping business owners find their flow using the Wealth Dynamics system based on the Chinese I Ching ("book of changes")

Trey is the Co-founder of ACE (Alliance of Conscious Entrepreneurs) and the only Wealth Dynamics Master Trainer in the United States.

Wealth Dynamics Masterclass

Your Personal Path to Flow & Wealth
Join us for This FREE Masterclass

100% FREE web event