Find Your Flow

Building your business around your personal zone of genius

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You are a genius - isn't it time you start leveraging that to produce wealth?

Many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed trying to do EVERYTHING in their business all on their own. They struggle to hit their goals and are always short on time.

But it doesn't have to be this way. You can build a business that keeps you in flow - where the work that you do leverages your natural genius and you attract the support you need to cover the areas where you aren't as strong.

In 2021, people are realizing they need to update their businesses to leverage the latest technology - to thrive in this new economy, you must also be using the latest strategies.

On this Masterclass, Wealth Dynamics Master Trainer, Trey Stinnett is going to show you the most innovative way to approach building a business.

Are you ready to escape overwhelm and experience more flow in your business? Invest 45 minutes in this exclusive masterclass to redesign your work to support your ideal life and make your biggest impact ever.

What Trey will cover during the
45 minute free masterclass

On this masterclass, Trey will be sharing with you:

  1. How to avoid the #1 mistake most entrepreneurs make with a new business

  2. The 4 paths to wealth and which one is right for YOU

  3. This simple formula that GUARANTEES you can scale your business regardless of your industry or current model

  1. How to use the ancient wisdom that built actual empires to build your business empire today

  2. Who you need on your team

  3. How to increase your productivity from 20% - 50% in the next 7 days

And much, much more

This training is for you if you are:

  1. Business owners who are ready to scale with their team in flow

  2. Entrepreneurs who are making money but out of time

  3. Side-hustlers ready to go full time with their business


What people are saying:

Trey was the reason I joined Genius U. In 2019, he organized and hosted an Entrepreneur 5.0 event. I flew from Florida to attend and it did not disappoint. From that time I've been learning and growing in the Genius community, and I've seen Trey continue to give and serve the US entrepreneur community. Keep doing what you're doing. It's having a big impact.

- John Zolikoff I USA

Trey is an awesome mentor. I met Trey in Bali at the Flow Builder Workshop in 2019. He is an inspiration and really cares for the people he works with. I love how he is able to simplify his advise for entrepreneurs and inspire people. I highly recommend you check out his Youtube channel where he share his magnificence.

- Woon Tan | United Kingdom

Trey is such a phenomenal teacher and steward of this treasure trove of information and so committed to helping us apply it to our businesses and our teams to grow. What I love most about Trey is how he can take such a complex ecosystem and make it relatable and digestible to all entrepreneurs. He has such a unique and intuitive take on Rodger's work that has allowed me to understand and implement it into my business with my own clients in really powerful ways.

- Lauren Goldstein | USA

Trey transformed my mindset through his workshop by taking me to the mountain top to see myself from the future then asking the right questions. He gave me invaluable tips and tools to navigate the next 90 days during the global crisis which has made 2020 an exciting year of change and growth. Trey is transparent with sharing his personal experience which adds a layer of understanding and approachability to his coaching. Thank you for bringing so much hope to my journey.

- Sylvia Tam | USA


Trey Stinnett

Trey Stinnett aka "The Flow Coach" helps small business owners build the ideal team so they can get past hard and live a life they love.

Trey has been an entrepreneur since he was 13 years old. Living in St. Petersburg, Florida with his wife Grace and their two daughters, he has taught workshops to thousands of people all over the world for celebrity entrepreneurs like Daymond John and Tony Robbins.

Trey now focuses on helping business owners find their flow using the Wealth Dynamics system based on the Chinese I Ching ("book of changes")

Trey is the Co-founder of ACE (Alliance of Conscious Entrepreneurs) and the only Wealth Dynamics Master Trainer in the United States.

Find Your Flow

Building your business around your personal zone of genius

Join us for This FREE Masterclass

Free Masterclass